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At Blackstone Electrical, we specialise in supporting landlords to ensure their properties meet legal requirements for tenant safety. Our team conducts Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), which are mandatory for all rented properties in England and Wales.

EICR Services

Our NAPIT-approved electricians adhere to the latest industry standards to ensure your property’s electrical systems are thoroughly inspected and safe for tenant occupancy.

  • Thorough Inspections: We meticulously examine your property’s electrical installations, including circuits, wiring, fuseboards, sockets, and switches.
  • Detailed Checks: Each assessment thoroughly evaluates your property’s electrical system to identify any potential issues.
  • Condition Reports: We provide detailed reports that outline the inspection results, highlighting any areas of concern or risks. These reports classify problems in order of priority and include recommended remedial actions.
  • Fixed Fee Pricing: We offer clear, fixed fee pricing for all EICR reports, ensuring transparency and ease of budgeting for landlords.

Rapid Service Response

Understanding the urgency often required in rental agreements and compliance, we can visit your property within 24 hours to offer consultations and quotes on electrical faults, installations, upgrades, or concerns.

Specialised Support for Landlords

We cater to landlords across Wirral and the North West, providing EICR services for a variety of property types, from flats and garages to large homes. Whether you are an established landlord needing to renew your certificate or new to property investment and requiring your first compliance report, we are here to assist.

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Blackstone Electrical is fully accredited, insured, and equipped to handle your EICR needs effectively. If you’re looking to renew your certificate or need your first report for compliance, contact us today for a detailed quote and exceptional service.

For professional advice and reliable electrical solutions, reach out to Blackstone Electrical – your expert in local commercial electrical services.

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