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Fire Alarm & Safety Systems

We are adept at advising, installing, and maintaining fire alarm systems for both domestic and commercial customers throughout Wirral and the North West.

Fire Alarm & Safety Systems

Our services encompass new installations, upgrades, as well as maintenance and testing to ensure your system remains compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS 7671 wiring standards. Our NAPIT-approved engineers perform thorough site surveys to recommend the best fire alarm solutions tailored to your property’s specific needs.

  • Mains-powered Alarms: Featuring interconnected smoke and heat detectors to enhance safety across your property.
  • Wireless Alarms: Offer the convenience of interconnected detectors without the need for extensive wiring, facilitating easier installation.
  • Control Panels: Equip your property with advanced control panels that monitor the system and provide zoning capabilities.
  • Sounders & Strobes: Ensure effective alert systems are in place with audible sounders and visible strobes for enhanced evacuation response.
  • Manual Call Points: Include break glass units that allow for manual activation of the fire alarm system in emergencies.
  • Smoke & Heat Detectors: Critical for maximum detection and notification, helping to safeguard against the dangers of fire.
  • Smoke Control: Integrated smoke ventilation systems help manage and reduce smoke spread in the event of a fire.

Importance of a Fire Alarm System

Having a robust fire alarm system is crucial for early warning in the event of a fire, which is essential for protecting property, ensuring the safety of staff and family, enabling remote monitoring, and meeting compliance and insurance requirements. Our systems are designed not only to alert and protect but also to ensure that you meet all regulatory obligations effectively.

Regular Testing and Maintenance

To maintain operational integrity and compliance, regular testing and maintenance of your fire alarm system are vital. We provide comprehensive services to keep your alarms in optimal condition, ensuring they work precisely when needed most.

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Blackstone Electrical is fully accredited, insured, and equipped to handle all aspects of your fire safety needs. Whether you need annual certifications, routine testing, inspections, system updates, or compliance documentation, we are here to support you. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote and ensure your home or business is equipped with a top-tier fire safety system.

For expert guidance and professional service, trust Blackstone Electrical – your specialist in fire alarm solutions.